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So I finally did my first 1 hour solo stand-up comedy show; Karma Comedian! It debuted at the 2011 Dunedin Fringe Festival, New Zealand and I had a blast, 4 nights at XII Below in the Scotland of NZ. (Seems quite fitting, I plan to take it to Edinburgh.)


Then came the NZ International Comedy Festival in Auckland, 5 nights of Karma Comedian at the Brooklyn Bar. There's something so fun about doing a show at home, much as I enjoyed Dunedin, I guess it's like playing a football match at home. A bit of local support is always nice.


Next stop, the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival! March 12-18, The Austral Hotel, 205 Rundle St, Adelaide.

I'll also aim for the Brighton Fringe in May and of course; the mighty Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I may even hand out deep fried flyers in Edinburgh...

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