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May 10, 2012

Well I started off with a couple in November, then my pen seemed to go into hibernation as nothing new has been posted since then. Have I really been that busy?


Maybe? What was I doing in November? Christmas shopping? Unlikely, I'm too impatient to wait until Christmas or my birthday which falls 4 days earlier. Oh wait, I'm meant to be shopping for other people, not me...erm...

Then there's the January sales so screw buying anything before Christmas. The more I age, the tighter my arse has become. (Not physically sadly, I've just become more of a tight arse on spending.)

Was I recovering from the Auckland half marathon? Yes! Can't be that lazy then can I? Arse must have been pleased about that.


Or did I just have nothing to say? Erm, again, highly unlikely, ask my other half. He'll tell you, I never run out of stuff to talk about. I repeat myself a lot too, so I never run out of stuff to talk about.

So to recap, what's happened since November? Christmas/New Year/Resolutions made and duly broken/resolve to get a physically tighter arse/Possibly forget to buy a Valentine's card for Tom, did I mention I'm a tight arse?/March, went to the Adelaide Fringe with my show Karma Comedian and had a great time/Left New Zealand, drank and ate way too much in farewelling everyone/arrived back in Blighty, ate and drank too much at reunions/2 weddings, so far no funerals thankfully/buttocks growing by the day and I didn't even get any Easter eggs/found somewhere to live and a car/derriere is no longer speaking to me/joined a gym, arse is pleased/did some gigs in England/did my first show at the Brighton Fringe.

First Karma Comedian show in Brighton was great fun, lovely crowd at The Temple Bar, 121 Western Road, 9:30pm. Lucky for me that the show is after 8pm as free parking in Brighton is as rare as a decent Justin Bieber song.

3 more to go. It was funny trying to flyer in Brighton, with a smile and a flyer in hand, some people treat you as though you're giving out a sample of free AIDS.
"No, I said Free Comedy Show!" as they scarper down the road, clearly traumatised by my cardboard offering of gratis entertainment. Why aren't these people as tight-fisted as I am? (Tight fist, tight arse, they seem to go together well.)

Hmmm, this blog seems less about me being bone idle and more about me being stingy. Maybe I should change the title?

Meh. Can't be arsed.

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