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That time of year again...

Wow. It really has been nearly a year since my last blog. I don't know how I never find time to do it.

Mind you, the blog's not the only one being neglected. Last year I bought 3 plants for the flat. 1 died within a fortnight, (That was a Venus Fly Trap. Didn't catch a single fly, no wonder it died. Must've been hungry but too shit at catching.)


Another lasted a few months before moving house via the food waste bin and the last of the flat foliage is wilting as I type. I can't maintain a blog or plants, thank god I don't have pets or children.

Another Edinburgh Fringe has been and gone, I took my show called, A Pint of Stella and it was great fun. Now I'm back and pottering round the flat, fixing things and taking an inventory of my spare bedding. (How the hell I've ended up with 5 fitted sheets is beyond me.)

Still going to the gym, I got into intermittent fasting this year. Tried the 5:2 diet and have been tracking my calories on a phone app called MyFitnessPal. It's both handy and incriminating. Suddenly, having 4 Hob Nobs no longer seems reasonable when it clocks in at nearly 400 calories...


Speaking of my favourite subject (food), we're off to the Street Feast in Dalston Junction tonight. MyFitnessPal already disapproves but hey, I didn't have any Hob Nobs today.

Must dash, I've got jokes to write. MyFitnessPal is telling me to water my plant. I might give it some wine, it is a Friday after all.

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